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Web Design Inspiration

web design

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for your website, you might want to look into offline media for design inspiration. In addition to the Internet, you can browse through magazines or TV ads to find ideas. These pieces of offline media can provide you with a variety of designs, colors, and elements. You can also look through online galleries for inspiration.

Another great source of inspiration is nature. Nature has a lot of details, colors, and patterns, and these details can help you create unique designs. These details can make a seemingly ordinary website stand out from the crowd. After all, nature is a complex system with many moving parts and details that can be used in your designs.

Another great online source for design inspiration is Dribbble. This is a network that connects graphic designers and offers a plethora of designs. This website is a great resource for web design inspiration as well as inspiration for other mediums. The community is huge, so you’ll be able to find a wide variety of designs that will help you come up with a successful web design.

You can even find web design inspiration through bookmarks. Some sites feature collections of the best websites on the Internet. Best Website Gallery, for example, features more than 8000 examples of web design. It was started by one man and has grown into one of the best websites for web design inspiration. This website has won awards for design, creativity, usability, and content.

web design inspiration

If you’re a web designer, you’ll definitely need some web design inspiration from time to time. Sometimes you can get stuck in a creative rut, so a source of inspiration is essential for rejuvenating your creative juices. Moreover, it will help you stay up to date with new technologies and trends. Moreover, exploring web design examples can help you familiarize yourself with the target audience and help you create an attractive design.

Another great way to find web design inspiration is to browse through social media. There’s a lot of content to browse through and it’s a great place to get an idea of what’s cool and what’s not. For example, you can check out interviews with real people and discover the latest trends in design.

Another great source of web design inspiration is Behance. Behance is an online site that displays thousands of portfolios from a variety of industries and professionals. You can search by industry, location, and popularity to find websites that appeal to your creative taste. Behance is a popular site for designers to showcase their work.

You can also find a wealth of web design inspiration on Instagram. With 500 million daily users, this social media platform is a favorite among artists and creative developers. With its stunning images, you’re sure to find something inspirational. Instagram also gives you a sneak peek into the workflows of top UX designers and artists. These sites are great resources for inspiration at any stage of your website design process.


How To Build The Perfect Ecommerce Website

This article takes a look at aspects of web design and build that are featured on a top shopping cart website.

The world is changing fast and one of the biggest shifts in commerce is in the digital business arena. Many people manage their own e-store business, with varying degrees of success. Let’s take a look at building e-commerce platforms and identify key aspects that are to be found in winning websites.

Building an ecommerce website can be daunting. With careful planning and execution, however, it can be a successful endeavor. There are many factors to consider when creating an ecommerce site, from choosing the right platform to building a user-friendly checkout process. However, by keeping a few key points in mind, it is possible to build a site that meets all of your business needs.

One of the most important aspects of any ecommerce website is choosing the right platform. There are a variety of different platforms available, and it is important to select one that is easy to use and provides all the features you need. Once you have selected a platform, you will need to choose a domain name and set up hosting. Once your site is up and running, you will need to add products and create pages for each product.

Enlist Professional Help

If you were building a bricks-and-mortar shop, you would most certainly engage the services of a top shopfitter to create a winning store ambience; the same should apply with a shopping cart site. Contact leading ecommerce site development service and take the first step to creating a professional e-commerce platform. The web design team have seen it all and they take each new project as a challenge. Once you convey your concept, they can work their magic.

Fast Page Loading

Today’s digital consumer expects nothing less than lightning-fast page loading. Make your web designer aware of your desire to have a site that loads instantly. All images should be the correct format. Invest in a decent bandwidth with your ISP, which should lead to a quick-loading e-commerce website.

Powerful Search Features

The online shopper wants to be able to type in a couple of keywords and be taken to the product range; you can incorporate searching by:

  • Price
  • Brand
  • Type/style
  • Specifications

Many e-stores lose customers because it is difficult to locate what they are looking for, so always bear this is mind, especially as your inventory list grows.

Web Security

If you expect your customers to pay via your website, it needs to be secure; this is denoted by the ‘s’ in ‘https’, and/or a small padlock in the browser URL window. In order to be secure, your site needs a valid SSL Certificate, which your web designer can acquire. Imagine having to email all your customers to inform them that your site was hacked and their financial data was stolen! Avoid this by ensuring that your site has a valid SSL Certificate from a trusted source.

Pro Images & Text

It is essential that your images are top-notch and all product descriptions are well-written; this is something the web designer would handle for you if you prefer. Professional presentation is a must and investing in pro photography will pay dividends.

Payment Gateways

Image Source: Unsplash

Of course, you need to have a diverse range of payment options, including:

  • All Major Credit Cards
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin

There are finance companies that offer e-commerce ‘buy now-pay later’ options for their customers, which is an attractive add-on for every e-store.

Live Chat

Many e-commerce websites have a live chat feature, whereby the site visitor can talk to a human, although this is not really necessary for a small store.

Once your e-store is up and running, either you or your web designer must manage the site; most e-commerce entrepreneurs leave site admin to their web designer, which is a very important aspect of the business. Security updates need to be applied, while new product information needs to be uploaded.

How Your Website Design Can Impact Your E-Commerce Sales

How Your Website Design Can Impact Your E-Commerce Sales

If you run a shopping cart website, design is everything and just as important as the decor in a traditional retail store. Of course, you want to create a buying ambience and a website user experience that has people coming back for more; and that all starts with the web design template.

Major Factors In Web Design

If you talked with the best ecommerce web development agency, they would tell you that good web design is made up of the following:

  • Structure – The overall design could be with a side menu, or a horizontal menu across the top of the home page.
  • Colours – Typically, your company colours.
  • Font – Readability and style.
  • Spacing – Effective spacing is part of good web design.
  • Symmetry – This is visually attractive.
  • Graphics – To highlight something.

Talking to a leading ecommerce web development services UK or your country has is the best place to begin your quest for the perfect e-commerce website. Whatever design you choose, you want the products to be the star of the show, so avoid lots of flashing graphics. Choosing 3 main colours is a standard technique that many e-commerce platforms use.

Easy Navigation

By employing a diverse range of search functions, shoppers can easily locate the products they are looking for. Have category links that take the user to the right page, but most users prefer the search function. Too many menu options can confuse the site visitor; in many ways, simplicity is best.

Online Inspiration

Spend a few hours surfing the web looking at shopping cart websites and take note of your observations and impressions, which should help you to gain an insight into what makes for good e-commerce design.

Infinite Scrolling

This is a perfect system for an e-commerce website. When the user scrolls to the bottom of the page, another section automatically loads, which is much easier than having to click on page numbers. The major players like Amazon and eBay use infinite scrolling, as it best suits e-shopping. Once you hook up with a good web designer, they would have a lot of hands-on experience designing shopping cart websites and with the right design template, it is only the colours you need to think about.

User Experience

Known in the trade as UX, you need to get accurate feedback from site visitors, which will enable you to make small improvements here and there. Your goal should be to create a smooth UX with fast responsive pages and clear labelling and with a smooth checkout process, shoppers will be more than happy with their web experience.

Think of your e-store as a work in progress and understanding that web development is an ongoing process is critical. Make good use of all web traffic data; that will help you improve the UX and ensure that you have a share of the market. If you find the right web development agency, they can handle every aspect of your IT needs, from domain name registration right through to site administration, and let’s not forget essential cyber-security.

Choosing A Company To Build A Web Application For Your Business

Choosing A Company To Build A Web Application For Your Business

More businesses are developing applications to go alongside their websites than ever before, and they can be an excellent way to interact with your target audience and gather data. You can consider using many companies to have them build an app for your business, but you will need to ensure you use a reputable one that can create a quality app that is simple to use. The app also needs to be purposeful and should offer users an experience they cannot get on your website.

Below you will find some tips to help you find the best app developers possible to build your company app and help you engage further with your target audience.

Ask For Suggestions & Recommendations

An excellent place to start your search for a suitable app development company is by asking other business owners you know for suggestions of UK Laravel developers you could use. If you are more comfortable working with those near your location and you are living outside the UK, all you have to do is start an online search. Google has been a reliable way of bringing to users a list of reputable developers close to their area.

You can also ask all your contacts on LinkedIn for any recommendations of reputable app developers that may be suitable for your project and add these to a list of companies. Do not worry if you do not get any suggestions from your contacts, as you will still be able to find plenty of companies online.

Moving Your Search Online

You will also find many companies online offering app development services, and you will need to look at each company you find in detail before adding them to your list. You will want to browse their websites and look at their most recent projects and read their ‘About Us’ sections on their site to see what their company is all about. You will want to try and get around ten companies on your list in total, and you can then do some more digging into their online reputations to see which one is best.

Investigate Their Online Reputations

Once you have a reasonable number of potential app developers on your list, you can start looking at their reputations to see which are best. You can use independent review websites to help you with this, such as Feefo or Trust Pilot, and you can also use social media platforms. Look at the company profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, and see what their customers have to say about their services. You can use the information you find to whittle your list down to about three or four companies, and then you will need to contact each of them.

Getting A Quote

When you have a handful of companies left on your list, you can contact each of them, explain your requirements, and ask as many questions as possible. You will want to ask each company the same questions to compare their answers and help you decide which one you prefer. You will also want to ask each company for a detailed quote for their services; you can compare these once you have them all. You will then need to select the company that offers the best value for money, and you can communicate with the easiest.

Choose which company to use and wait for your app to be ready before sharing it with your customers and using it to promote your business and generate more sales.

Why Choose Symfony PHP Framework For Development

Why Choose Symfony PHP Framework For Development

Web development is chugging along at a fair pace and there are many programs and applications to build a website, depending on your needs. If you’re a web developer looking for a PHP framework to use for your next project, you may be wondering which one is the best. There are many different frameworks to choose from, but Symfony is definitely a contender for the top spot.

Symfony is an extremely popular PHP framework because all developers can take advantage of the many segments it contains. The end result is a smooth build with the desired outcomes and that’s what web developers are looking for. Here are some reasons why Symfony may be the best choice for your next development project.

Core Elements Of Symfony

There are many reusable components, but with a reputable PHP Symfony developer, you can create complex features that run smoothly on the platform, which is why so many developers like to use this creative set of tools for PHP development. Of course, as a business owner, we don’t expect you to fully grasp all the tech stuff, but a look at the organisations that use Symfony confirms its popularity; Spotify, Vogue, Trivago and BlaBlaCar are just a few of the companies that use this unique PHP application. Developers love the fact that you can build suites very quickly, thanks to the segments that are readily available to seamlessly integrate into the build.

Designed For The Developer

There are many repetitive tasks when building a website and Symfony empowers the developer with segments that can easily be accessed and incorporated into the build. There are no coding requirements with Symfony and the list of features is almost endless, which is great when looking to build a complex website. Newcomers to Symfony find it very easy to get familiar with and many prefer to use the application for other projects, which is hardly surprising when you look at the versatility of the suite.

Easily Accessible

Symfony can be accessed by any digital device and the set of applications is very user-friendly; a developer with zero Symfony experience can quickly grasp the core elements and make use of the many features. The most important component of any web project is the framework, which is the foundation and for most developers, Symfony is the obvious choice. For the web developer, time is money and clients tend to want their platforms yesterday; the special segment tools empower the developer and output is boosted.

Web Development Specialists

Image Source: Pexels

When you want to create a website like no other, hook up with an award-winning team that use Symfony to create unique web projects that are both stylish and functional. They handle everything according to your requirements, keeping you informed throughout the build, with regular Zoom calls. The first task is to find out your vision for the platform, then a design team can put together a proposal for your consideration. Chances are, they will recommend Symfony for all the above reasons.

If you would like some professional help with your next web project, Google will help you find a Symfony developer who has all the solutions. The first stage is to gather information from the client, then a proposal can be compiled. With approval, the work can begin and before long, your new website will be ready for testing.

5 Factors To Consider When Designing & Developing A Website

In this article, we offer the reader useful information about designing and developing a website, with the aim of educating the person on the best website design principles.

Image Source: Pexels

We are definitely living in a digital age and every single business should be working towards developing a strong online profile and the company website is very much your flagship. Like most things, website design is complex and unless you have a few years with a lot of time, it is best to outsource all your web needs to a local web developer.


Prior to doing anything, here are a few critical aspects of web design and development that you need to take into consideration.


Define Your Objectives

It is important to define your goals regarding your website, which might be to introduce your company and its line of products or services, or it might be to gain credibility. Once you know what you want from the digital platform, you can start to think about design.


Think User Experience

Known in the trade as UX, you should always focus on the user’s experience, which means the site should be designed for easy navigation and have fast page loading speeds. You could seek out the services of a leading expert on web design in Cardiff, if you are located in the city. Those outside the UK can find through a Google search reputable experts near them who would have many design templates and can help turn their concept into reality.


All Device Compatible

It isn’t only PC users who will visit your site; indeed, the majority of web users prefer to use their mobile device or tablet when surfing the net. If your website is all-device compatible, you are making the most of available technology and are reaching more users.


Organising Content

Of course, your content is a critical component of your online platform; text should be professionally written, with the use of hi-res images and even video. It is best to plan each page on paper, listing where you will post content, trying to ensure that your site is easy to navigate. Watch out for repetitive information, which is easy to do and it can be annoying for a site visitor to read the same information several times.


Web Design

It is wise to include any company colours and if your company has a core concept, this should be reflected in your site design. The best solution is to find a web developer who can handle every aspect of the design, construction, and management of your digital platform. From registering the URL to managing the platform, a web developer can handle everything on your behalf, leaving you free to run your business. Take your time when choosing a design, which will be something site visitors identify with, and don’t be afraid to ask others for their considered opinion, which is valuable feedback.

Image Source: Unsplash


Once your new company website is up and running, it is ongoing work and should be developed constantly, adding content as time passes. Of course, you are going to need a digital marketing plan that will outline several key marketing strategies. We recommend enlisting the help of a leading digital marketing agency that can put together a dynamic marketing plan that will deliver results.

Looking For Some Tips To Excel At Web Designing?… Well, Here Are Some Tips For You To Follow!

Web Designing

The contemporary world is marked by the use of technology at every step from the beginning of the day to its end. Lifestyles these days have modified themselves to become so used to technology that living without it seems almost impossible. It has helped every aspect of the world to progress in various ways. And businesses are not an exception.

The people working in the business sector have successfully taken advantage of the technology to the best of their potential. They have equipped themselves with various technological aspects that have boosted their working system, thus, leading to expansion and huge profits. One of the best ways in which technology has helped businesses in the digital world is that it has helped them establish their presence online through marketing strategies. Marketing is a key to the success of any business. And since the world is globally connected through online means, it has given businesses an advantage to reach wider audiences.

There are many methods of marketing that can prove effective in the digital world. One such significant way is the website of any organization. Having a website for your company can help people learn more about your work which might ultimately help you increase the customer base. This immense significance of a website makes it essential to ensure the web design is such that it attracts more and more people towards it. Below stated are some of the tips for the same.

Web Designing

Ensure that the homepage is minimalistic and clutter-free

While getting the web page designed for your business, you must ensure that the website’s homepage looks minimalistic instead of filling it with a lot of information. You must place only that information on the homepage that would compel the user to open further details and check it out. The homepage should only give an idea about your work and other essential information in a clutter-free manner. You should also add on relevant images and enough spacing to make it attractive.

Have a visual hierarchy in place

Web Designing

You must ensure to place the content hierarchically as per the importance of it. It can be done using the features like highlighting, font size etc. Putting the information in such a manner would unconsciously direct them towards the important things that would give them an apt idea about your work.

Use easy to read website content

The website should have that content that has a greater extent of readability so that users can effortlessly skim through the information and still understand it. You can do this using the large letter size, text themes, fonts etc. However, it is suggested to use only a limited number of fonts as using more would make it look chaotic.

Web Designing

Create an easy-to-navigate site

Your site must have a way to easily navigate through linking one page with other and the use of anchors. It would help the users quickly locate what they are looking for, and that can serve as a positive factor that could bring in more clients and customers to your business.

Ensure that it is multiple devices friendly

Web Designing

One of the keys to ensuring the effectiveness of your website is that it must be user friendly, no matter what the device is in which it is opened, be it laptop, mobile etc. Its attractiveness element should not dim, and the content should not look cluttered with the change in the device.