How Your Website Design Can Impact Your E-Commerce Sales

If you run a shopping cart website, design is everything and just as important as the decor in a traditional retail store. Of course, you want to create a buying ambience and a website user experience that has people coming back for more; and that all starts with the web design template.

Major Factors In Web Design

If you talked with the best ecommerce web development agency, they would tell you that good web design is made up of the following:

  • Structure – The overall design could be with a side menu, or a horizontal menu across the top of the home page.
  • Colours – Typically, your company colours.
  • Font – Readability and style.
  • Spacing – Effective spacing is part of good web design.
  • Symmetry – This is visually attractive.
  • Graphics – To highlight something.

Talking to a leading ecommerce web development services UK or your country has is the best place to begin your quest for the perfect e-commerce website. Whatever design you choose, you want the products to be the star of the show, so avoid lots of flashing graphics. Choosing 3 main colours is a standard technique that many e-commerce platforms use.

Easy Navigation

By employing a diverse range of search functions, shoppers can easily locate the products they are looking for. Have category links that take the user to the right page, but most users prefer the search function. Too many menu options can confuse the site visitor; in many ways, simplicity is best.

Online Inspiration

Spend a few hours surfing the web looking at shopping cart websites and take note of your observations and impressions, which should help you to gain an insight into what makes for good e-commerce design.

Infinite Scrolling

This is a perfect system for an e-commerce website. When the user scrolls to the bottom of the page, another section automatically loads, which is much easier than having to click on page numbers. The major players like Amazon and eBay use infinite scrolling, as it best suits e-shopping. Once you hook up with a good web designer, they would have a lot of hands-on experience designing shopping cart websites and with the right design template, it is only the colours you need to think about.

User Experience

Known in the trade as UX, you need to get accurate feedback from site visitors, which will enable you to make small improvements here and there. Your goal should be to create a smooth UX with fast responsive pages and clear labelling and with a smooth checkout process, shoppers will be more than happy with their web experience.

Think of your e-store as a work in progress and understanding that web development is an ongoing process is critical. Make good use of all web traffic data; that will help you improve the UX and ensure that you have a share of the market. If you find the right web development agency, they can handle every aspect of your IT needs, from domain name registration right through to site administration, and let’s not forget essential cyber-security.

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